Who are Agritradex ’s clients ?

Our clients are either buyers or sellers of commodities, either specialized suppliers who process and pack agricultural
produce in bulk or buyers who are merchandisers, traders or retail packers of these products.
Many of our clients are companies who use our services to trade products with foreign markets.

How can Agritradex provide back office or BPO services to our company ?

We can handle invoicing, documentation, customer relationship management, and many other administrative jobs.
Thereby helping your business remove resource constraints, improve speed and reduce costs. These superior
support systems can greatly increase the productivity of the top and middle level management in your company.

Can you handle a product which is not listed here ?

Provided there is sufficient business volume we can recruit one or more individuals with the product knowledge to handle it for you. Plus our systems and experience will be used to fully support the product team.

Can you suggest ways in which I can use my skills and experience to do business with Agritradex other than as a buyer or seller ?

We have a partnership program whereby we can support your individual skills with our company resources in order to develop and market a product or service. Contact us to discuss the opportunities and terms.