International Commodity Broking

Agritradex provides buying and selling services on behalf of clients in many countries. Most of it is transcontinental commodity trade. We do not provide insurance or settlement guarantees. Our contracts are as per international trade conventions in the particular commodity.

The benefits of trading through us are

1. Pre evaluation of the counter party.

2. Competitive price discovery.

3. Follow up on the correct execution of contracts.

4. Overall reduced commercial risk.

Domestic Indian Trade

With our location in Mumbai we can provide commercial, back office and logistics support in Indias richest market, for any products you wish to sell through e-commerce sites.

Back Office & Admistration

Please contact us with your requirements for specific trade related services, and outsourcing work. In the past we have helped build sales teams, support and back office system in India, local presence in Mumbai for outstation or overseas clients, and built and managed an e-retail presence for our clients. For endorsements and credentials from clients, please add Chetan Isharani, the founder and CEO, of Agritradex, to your LinkedIn network.