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Cashew Market Overview - 16th to 22nd April 2021

Vietnam: Market is firmer and prices are rising daily. Rains in most parts of the Raw nuts growing areas  are preventing drying and the quality is deteriorating. There is High Demand for broken grades like WS ad LP and most of the sellers have sold out for May and June shipments. For July forwards they are asking for premiums. Prices of Africa RCN also increased and there is news that lower price contracts are delayed or re-negotiated. Container availability is still an issue for most destinations. With RCN prices not coming down and local crop in shortage kernel prices are expected to remain high until July - August. After summer, prices might stabilize a bit, depending on the raw cashew nut market.

Vietnam BRC traded W240 at USD 3.50-60/lb, W320 at USD 3.09-3.15/lb, WS at USD 1.95 -2.05/lb & LP at USD 1.45-50/lb FOB and

HACCP packer traded W240 at USD 3.35-40/lb, W320 at USD 2.95-3.05/lb, WS at USD 1.80 -1.90/lb & LP at USD 1.30-35/lb FOB for May to July

Indian Top packers traded W320 at USD 3.45/lb & SW320 at USD 3.05/lb FOB for May and June shipments


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