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Cashew Market Overview - 23rd to 30th April 2021

This week trades slowed down with buyers showing resistance for BRC packers at W320 at $3.06-08/lb FOB for May and June shipments and at $3.10-15/lb FOB for July to December shipments. Good volumes have been done in March and April which have taken the prices up by 10-15%. With limited availability of higher quality / outturn raw nuts and due to short crop in Vietnam prices of Raw nuts are increasing at the origins. Some processors have extended kernel contracts due to delay shipments from Africa. Increasing raw seed prices and delay in shipments will likely push up kernel prices for July forwards. 

Vietnam BRC packers traded W320 at $3.07-12/lb and WS at $2.02/lb FOB for May to July shipments, and HACCP packers traded W320 at $3.02-03/lb FOB for June and July shipment and WS at $1.98/lb FOB for August and September.

Indian packers traded W320 at $3.50/lb and SW320 at $2.95/lb FOB for May and June shipments.

Vietnam will be closed from today 30th April to 3rd May 2021 for National holidays.


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