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Cashew Market Overview - 25th June to 02nd July 2021

Vietnam kernel prices increased by 10- 12cents/lb, Raw seed prices are up 60-80 USD compared to last week. Buyers face low margins and sellers are bullish after July as there is low supply till October when Indonesia and Tanzania raw seed starts. BRC packers traded W320 at US$ 3.38-45/lb, WS at US$ 2.40/lb and LP at US$ 2.00/lb CFR for EU / USA ports. W240 is still in low demand.

Indian sellers will focus more on the coming festivities and with the lockdown relaxed in most of the places, Restaurants are back in action with limited seating, Tourist places are opening. Prices will be firmer. W320 traded at US$ 3.50-60/lb CFR to EU ports.


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