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Cashew Market Overview - 26th March to 01st April 2021

Cashew kernel market was stable over last week. Vietnamese RCN crop official estimates reduced to 350,000MTs from 380,000MTs. Cambodian RCN crop estimated higher than 2020 at 250,000Mts. Local RCN prices in Vietnam last week were round US$1075/MT for dried and in India prices ranged for high quality ranged from US$1300-$1400/MT.

West African RCN prices were stable with strong activities in Benin and Nigeria. Benin RCN FOB prices at US$1125 – $1250/MT 48 lbs outturn and CFR prices between US$1250 - $1350/MT. IVC RCN FOB prices at US$1150 – $1250/MT 48-49 lbs outturn. IVC W320 offered between US$2.80-3.10/lbs. Ghana RCN FOB prices at US$1200 – $1275/MT 48-49 lbs outturn. Ghana W320 traded for US$3.00-3.20/lbs. Nigerian RCN prices round US$1100/MT for outturn 47-48 lbs.

Vietnam BRC packers traded W240 at US$3.35-3.45/lb, W320 at US$2.95-3.00/lb, LP US$1.15-1.20/lb FOB for April to June shipments and HACCP packers traded W240 at US$3.30-35/lb, W450 at US$2.60-65/lb, WS at US$1.60-1.65/lb FOB for April to June shipments.

Vietnam exporters offering W240 at US$3.30-3.55/lb, W320 at US$2.90-3.10/lb, WS at US$1.60-1.85/lb, LP at US$1.05-1.25/lb FOB for April to August shipments


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