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Pepper market update

Vietnam exported 186,160 MT of pepper from January to July 2020. Vietnam crop size for year 2020 estimated at 230,000 to 245,000 MT, with carry over stock from last year estimated at 80,000 MT. Pepper imports from Brazil, Indonesia and Cambodia this year are approx. 30,000 MT. Domestic consumption of pepper in Vietnam is 9,000. There was flooding reported in key pepper areas of Vietnam, such as Daknong & Daklak, so 2021 pepper crop is likely to be low in these provinces.
Indonesian pepper plantations are also affected due to heavy rains and flooding. Indication for Lampung Black Pepper ASTA at $2600/MT FOB and Lampung White pepper round $4150/MT FOB. Brazil new crop shipments to start from September, Indication for ASTA grade at $2300/MT FOB. Vietnam pepper FOB HCM prices this week are at $2225/MT for 500 G/L FAQ, $2400/MT for 500 G/L MC, $2475/MT for 550 G/L MC, $2500/MT for 570 G/L ASTA, $2550/MT for 5MM BOLD and $3550/MT for 630 G/L Double washed white pepper.


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