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Pepper market update - 22nd May 2021

Vietnam exported 282,000 MT of pepper in 2020, down by 2% compared to previous year. Total exports from Brazil in 2020 were 89,000 MT, up by 6% compared to 2019. Indonesia pepper exports in 2020 reached 58,000 MT, 13% more than 2019. Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia were the top three exporters for pepper in 2020, while top five importing countries are US, China, Vietnam, Germany and India. USA imported 86,000 MT of pepper, Germany imported 32,000 MT of pepper. Chinese imported round 56,000 MT, Vietnam imported close to 39,000 MT, while India imported 27,000 MT. Total exports from all Origins in 2020 were 481,000 MT.

Vietnam pepper exports from January to April 2021, reached 93,500 MT with total value of US$284.30 Million, down 19.50% in quantity and up 14.50% in value, compared to same period in 2020. Average export price for this period approximately at 3050$/MT. Brazil Pepper exports from January to April 2021, reached 32,400 MT with total value of US$84.35 Million FOB. Average export FOB price for this period was approximately US$2600/MT. Vietnam pepper imports from January to April 2021 was 11,000 MT, 4.7% more in quantity compared same period in 2020. These imports were mainly from Brazil, Indonesia and Cambodia. Global pepper production in 2021 is estimated at 555,000 MT. 

Indicative price for Brazil ASTA grade at $3550/MT FOB for June 2021 shipments. Vietnam pepper FOB HCM prices this week are at $3050/MT for 500 G/L FAQ, $3300/MT for 500 G/L MC, $3350/MT for 550 G/L MC, $3425/MT for 570 G/L ASTA, $3550/MT for 5MM BOLD and $4800/MT for 630 G/L Double washed white pepper.


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