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Pepper market update

Vietnam exported 61,621 MT of pepper in the first quarter of 2021, worth US$180 million, decrease of 23.4% in quantity, but higher 2.2% in value compared to Q1 2020. Mainly to USA round 14,000 MT, China at 11,500 mts. Other major importers are Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, UK, and Canada. Vietnam imported round 8,000 MT of pepper from Jan to March 2021, higher 5.8% compared to the same period in 2020. 
Indicative price for Brazil ASTA grade at 3700$/MT FOB for May and June 2021 shipments. Indication for Lampung Black Pepper 570 GL ASTA, Steam sterilized at $3600/MT FOB. Spot prices for garbled black pepper in India round US$5150/MT. Vietnam pepper FOB HCM prices this week are at $3150/MT for 500 G/L FAQ, $3500/MT for 500 G/L MC, $3600/MT for 550 G/L MC, $3650/MT for 570 G/L ASTA, $3700/MT for 5MM BOLD and $5100/MT for 630 G/L Double washed white pepper.


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