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PEPPER TRADE DATA -January to August 2021

Vietnam exported 193,000 MT with value US$658 Million from January to August 2021, average export price was US$3330/MT. Exports for August 2021 stood close to 17,600 MT with value of US$66 Million and average price of US$3750/MT. USA, China, UAE, Germany and Netherlands are the top importers for Vietnam Pepper. US imports from January to August 2021 reached 43,500 MT up by 15% compared to same period in last year. EU imports increased by 4.4%, major importing countries were Germany, Netherlands, UK imported close to 19,000 MT altogether.  Vietnam Pepper imports in August 2021 was 588 MT, mainly from Indonesia and Cambodia.
Total imports from January to August 2021 reached 19,000 MT, of which black pepper was 14,000 MT and White pepper at 5000 MT. Vietnam Imported close to 7000MT, 5500MT, 4500 MT, 500 MT from Indonesia, Brazil, Cambodia and Malaysia respectively. Current price indication for Vietnam black pepper 500 g/l FAQ is US$3750/MT FOB, and white pepper is at US$5650/MT.

Brazil exported close to 4200 MT of Pepper in August 2021, and total exports from January to August 2021 reached close to 56,000 MT and average price for this period was US$ 2900/MT. Current price indication for Brazil black pepper ASTA grade is US$3900/MT FOB. 

Indicative Pepper prices from Indonesia for Lampung pepper are at $4250/MT.


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