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Vietnam Pepper Exports

Vietnam Pepper Exports for January and February 2021 are estimated close to 30,000 MTs valued round US$ 87.50 million. Exports volumes decreased by 21% and value by 25% compared to same period in 2020. Pepper prices have increased by 40% in a months’ time after lunar holidays till mid-March.

Vietnam pepper FOB HCM prices this week are at $3500/MT for 500 G/L FAQ, $3750/MT for 500 G/L MC, $3850/MT for 550 G/L MC, $3910/MT for 570 G/L ASTA, $4000/MT for 5MM BOLD and $5500/MT for 630 G/L Double washed white pepper. Indicative price for Brazil ASTA grade at 3900$/MT FOB for April 2021 shipments. Indication for Lampung Black Pepper 550 MC at $3600/MT FOB. Spot prices for garbled black pepper in India round US$5000/MT


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