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This flexible on line- off line trading system gives you instant price discovery and trade information. But a full service experienced team is there to handle the complexities of cross border bulk trade. Where transactions are normally a few hundred thousand to a few million USD in size, our experience of handling over USD 10 billion in physical commodity deliveries gives you the confidence to enter into trades with low risk. The company CEO since 20 years is Chetan Isharani, a graduate of IMD Switzerland, ranked among the top 10 business schools in the world.

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Commodity News

Cashew Market Overview - 04th to 11th June 2021

Cashew exports from Vietnam for May 2021 estimated at 55,000 MT with total estimated value of US$339 million and an average export price

Cashew Market Overview - 15th to 27th May 2021

In April 2021, Vietnam imported around 480,000 tons of cashew nuts with a value of 772 million USD, equivalent to March 2021, but increas

Pepper market update - 22nd May 2021

Vietnam exported 282,000 MT of pepper in 2020, down by 2% compared to previous year. Total exports from Brazil in 2020 were 89,000 MT, up

Cashew Market Overview - 08th to 14th May 2021

Cashew kernel market is steady with prices on wholes stable while brokens rose a lot. Fancy splits from Vietnam traded US$2.00-2.10/LB FO

Cashew Market Overview - 1st to 07th May 2021

Vietnam imported 480,000 MTs of RCN in April 2021 worth US$ 772 Million. From January to April 2021 Vietnam imported approximately close

Cashew Market Overview - 23rd to 30th April 2021

This week trades slowed down with buyers showing resistance for BRC packers at W320 at $3.06-08/lb FOB for May and June shipments and at

Cashew Market Overview - 16th to 22nd April 2021

Vietnam: Market is firmer and prices are rising daily. Rains in most parts of the Raw nuts growing areas  are preventing drying and

Pepper market update

Vietnam exported 61,621 MT of pepper in the first quarter of 2021, worth US$180 million, decrease of 23.4% in quantity, but higher 2.2% i