Who are Agritradex ’s clients?

Our clients are either buyers or sellers of commodities, either specialized suppliers who process and pack agricultural produce in bulk or buyers who are merchandisers, traders or retail packers of these products. Many of our clients are companies who use our services to trade products with foreign markets.

How can I use this website?

Write to us mail@agritradex.com sending us your company website URL, email ID, persons name, products you are interested in, and mobile number(optional). This website is meant for our clients and associates. If you are an existing client, please write directly to your relationship manager with a cc to mail@agritradex.com.

Existing clients can get on-line access to today’s market reports and selling and buying prices on your mobile or PC or iOS screen 24/7, thereby enabling instant market access instead of having to contact many people in different time zones. These screens can be personalized and filtered by you as per your trade preferences.  You can post your buying and selling prices for counterparties to respond to with acceptance or counters, for your final confirmation of the trade via your relationship manager.

Also, you can 1. See the profiles of other companies who are registered on this site. 2. Post your own company profile and get global exposure for free. 3. Read, and post, trade news, opinions and data related to the product you are registered for.

How can I create an account on this website ?

This is not a consumer or retail website. Please verify if you are an industrial user or supplier of the commodities listed on the website. Some sections may be under construction as we are adding new products constantly. 

To Register, please go to the home page and click on register button at the upper right hand corner. Fill in the form. We will get in touch with you

What do your charge for your broking services?

Broking fees are charged on transactions done through us and are either a % of the value of the cargo or a USD fee per measure of weight like MT or lbs. Typically, they are well under one percent. They are payable on successful completion of the contract. All terms are dependent on the prevalent trade practices in that product industry or trade.