Commodity News

Pepper market update

Vietnam exported 186,160 MT of pepper from January to July 2020. Vietnam crop size for year 2020 estimated at 230,000 to 245,000 MT, with

Agri reforms In India

The Indian government has proposed a major overhaul of the 1958 legal framework under which there has been little private investment in t

Cashew Market Overview June 2020

Vietnam had a very good crop this year approximately 450,000 MT due to good weather conditions. Crop in Cambodia was also good and estima

Supply chain and demand outlook for Cashews April-June 2020

With India restarting agricultural harvesting and processing activities from next week, and Vietnam already operating at nearly full capa


The FAO and the WHO have raised alerts on a looming food shortage due to COVID-19 restrictions. Ripening crop collections are reduced as

The EU and Vietnam signed a comprehensive free trade agreement

The EU and Vietnam signed a comprehensive free trade agreement on February 11, 2020, eliminating tariffs. Effective July 2020, it will go

NCoV-2019 Virus and commodity trade

How will the virus affect the commodity trade with China and other countries? Preliminary analysis suggests the following effects

Cashew market update

1. Raw cashew market Weather in Asia looks favourable for the new crop starting in March. Tanzania

USA Currency Manipulation Watchlist cleared

The US administration cleared China, Vietnam, and Thailand from the watchlist of currency manipulators accused of heavy state interventio

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