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Due to failure of private traders to buy cashews from farmers at the regulated price of USD 1.31 per kg, the government has deployed its

US revokes duty-free concession on import of 90 products under GSP system

The federal register issued a notification, listing out 90 products which were so far subject to duty-free provisions, as of November 1 w

Transpacific partnership TPP trade pact activates from 30 December 2018.

The agreement reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers between Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Singapore, will become o

Indian agriculture deregulation being considered

The agricultural census shows that landholders increased from 71 million in 1970 to 143 million in 2018. Increasing population is the pri

Currency crisis – Whats next ?

The last one month has seen dramatic volatility in many emerging market currencies. However the Indian Rupee and the Vietnam Dong have be

Kerala floods : By the numbers

As the data comes in here are the approximate final numbers : 1. Lives lost over, 350 2. Bridges destroyed, 147

Cashew exporters seek govt support despite record production, lower prices

India's production of raw cashew nuts during 2017-18 has increased to an all-time high of 817,000 tonnes, resulting in lower local pr

Cashew businesses lack capital to continue operation

Shortage of capital is hampering the operation of many small cashew factories in Viet Nam. That’s according to the Vietna

Decline in global cashew prices affects processors

After remaining steady for about two years, global cashew prices have begun moving south, registering a 20 per cent drop in the last thre

Cashew season ends with slight increase in yields

The Sambo Prei Kuk Cashew Nut Association said 8,000 tonnes of cashews were harvested this season, with the price hovering between $1.5 t