Commodity News

Pepper Export Data - 21st July 2021

Vietnam has exported 154,000 MT of Pepper from January to June 2021 with an average price of US$3225/MT with value estimated close to US$

Cashew Market Overview - 09th to 16th July 2021

Cashew Kernels:  Vietnam cashew kernel market is firm with WW320 prices between US$3.15-3.35 per lb FOB. Vietnam Kernel expor

Pepper Trade Overview

Vietnam exported 16,764 MT, with a turnover of 59.0 million USD in first half on June 2021 and close to 138,000 MT from the beginning of

Cashew Market Overview - 25th June to 02nd July 2021

Vietnam kernel prices increased by 10- 12cents/lb, Raw seed prices are up 60-80 USD compared to last week. Buyers face low margins and se

Cashew Market Overview - 04th to 11th June 2021

Cashew exports from Vietnam for May 2021 estimated at 55,000 MT with total estimated value of US$339 million and an average export price

Cashew Market Overview - 15th to 27th May 2021

In April 2021, Vietnam imported around 480,000 tons of cashew nuts with a value of 772 million USD, equivalent to March 2021, but increas

Pepper market update - 22nd May 2021

Vietnam exported 282,000 MT of pepper in 2020, down by 2% compared to previous year. Total exports from Brazil in 2020 were 89,000 MT, up

Cashew Market Overview - 08th to 14th May 2021

Cashew kernel market is steady with prices on wholes stable while brokens rose a lot. Fancy splits from Vietnam traded US$2.00-2.10/LB FO

Cashew Market Overview - 1st to 07th May 2021

Vietnam imported 480,000 MTs of RCN in April 2021 worth US$ 772 Million. From January to April 2021 Vietnam imported approximately close

Cashew Market Overview - 23rd to 30th April 2021

This week trades slowed down with buyers showing resistance for BRC packers at W320 at $3.06-08/lb FOB for May and June shipments and at