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PEPPER TRADE DATA -January to August 2021

Vietnam exported 193,000 MT with value US$658 Million from January to August 2021, average export price was US$3330/MT. Exports for Augus

Pepper Export Data January To July 2021

Pepper exports from Vietnam in July 2021 were  28,000 MT with an average price of US$ 3820/MT. January to July 2021 exports totalled

Supply chain disruptions in China and Vietnam

Port congestion, already severe in the major ports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Cat Lai (Vietnam), is worsening due to COVID lockdowns in Augu

Pepper Export Data - 21st July 2021

Vietnam has exported 154,000 MT of Pepper from January to June 2021 with an average price of US$3225/MT with value estimated close to US$

Cashew Market Overview - 09th to 16th July 2021

Cashew Kernels:  Vietnam cashew kernel market is firm with WW320 prices between US$3.15-3.35 per lb FOB. Vietnam Kernel expor

Pepper Trade Overview

Vietnam exported 16,764 MT, with a turnover of 59.0 million USD in first half on June 2021 and close to 138,000 MT from the beginning of

Cashew Market Overview - 25th June to 02nd July 2021

Vietnam kernel prices increased by 10- 12cents/lb, Raw seed prices are up 60-80 USD compared to last week. Buyers face low margins and se

Cashew Market Overview - 04th to 11th June 2021

Cashew exports from Vietnam for May 2021 estimated at 55,000 MT with total estimated value of US$339 million and an average export price

Cashew Market Overview - 15th to 27th May 2021

In April 2021, Vietnam imported around 480,000 tons of cashew nuts with a value of 772 million USD, equivalent to March 2021, but increas

Pepper market update - 22nd May 2021

Vietnam exported 282,000 MT of pepper in 2020, down by 2% compared to previous year. Total exports from Brazil in 2020 were 89,000 MT, up